You Want to WorkOut but You Don’t Have Time?

Well, how about 15 minutes? Seems quick right? We squeezed everything you need to be FIT in 15 minutes.

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Fit in 15 eBOOK and video edition is designed for women who do not have much time to work out but wanted to get the most results in a short period of time. Was $29.99 and now on sale for only $19.99.

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I’m sure you’ll be familiar with plenty of fad diets and gimmicks and may have even tried a few in the past, whether that’s been low-carb dieting, Atkins, a fat-free diet, the baby food diet, cabbage soup, slashing your calories right down, or just relying on pills, powders, and potions to see you through, rather than real food.

This eBook will help you learn:

• The exact number of calories you need to lose fat as fast as possible while keeping hunger at bay.
• A simple way to track these calories that takes no longer than 2 minutes per day.
• An effective training program suited perfectly to your schedule to allow you to train as little as twice a week and still torch body fat in as little as 15 minutes.
• The proven plateau-busting tactics to torch body fat. No matter how stubborn you think it is.
• What to do when you finish your diet so you maintain the figure you’ve worked hard to build.
• Our 2-step method to discovering how to maximize your carb intake so you can eat bagels, pasta, and pizza to your heart’s content and blitz that body fat at the same time.
• The super supplement stack. Learn what works and what’s just designed to leave a hole in your wallet.
• How to get better results from your cardio sessions in as little as 10 minutes.
• and much, much more!

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