SHRED TUTOR’s Keys To Maintaining Mental Stability

mental health

Mental health and mental maintenance have never been more prominent in society as it stands today.  Billions of people around the world are becoming aware of the strains on your mind caused by society, not just our daily lives.  Now, what do we mean by this?  We here at Shred Tutor understand that it’s more than just work-related stressors that affect us nowadays, but also ones caused by society; whether that comes from social media or our home life.  We here at Shred Tutor want to remind you to take a deep breath, and just breathe.  The saying everything in life is temporary is so cliche, rather, we want to remind you and instill in you that everything in life is what we make of it.  How we choose to look at a situation will have profound effects on our happiness and our mental stability.  With this in mind we want to leave you with a few reminders on how you can detach yourself from your stressful situation and gain mental clarity:

  • Breathe in and breathe out- take 5 minutes when you wake up and mentally prepare for the day.
  • Try to always look at a difficult or stressful situation with optimism- many times you will see that the situation is not nearly as bad as you thought.
  • Disconnect from the toxic environment that you may feel you’re involved in, whether it’s on social media, friends, or a relationship.  
  • Speaking of social media, disconnect for one day a week, or one hour a day- baby steps.  
  • Exercise regularly – the keyword here is to be consistent.  You do not have to be the fastest or the strongest, but you have to be consistent.  
  • Drink plenty of water- the 8×8 rule suggests 8oz of water, 8 times per day.  
  • If it is bothering you – talk it out.  Speak to a trusted friend, relative, counselor, or clergy- sometimes a new perspective is all you need.
  • Meditation/Yoga – again, consistency is the key.  
  • Surround yourself with positive people – choose your friends wisely.  If you do not feel good and energized around those people or that person, it is time for a change.

Mark Twain once said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”  Think about that.  It is pretty profound.  We all carry worry and stress with us each day.  Some of it is serious and needs our full attention.  Some of it is not and is exactly what Mark Twain is speaking about in that quote.  I read recently that you should look at your problem, and decide if it is something that could still affect you in five years from now.  If it is not, give it five minutes, write it down and throw it out.  Don’t dwell on it.  It is time to move on.  

Shred Tutor has a whole section of ebooks dedicated to mental health.  There is Coping with Stress which is an ebook and a video supplement dealing with stressors and how to overcome them.  There is Crushing Your Goals, which deals with the positive attitude needed to win in any situation.  The third in the series is called The Calm Mind, and this book and video series explore exercises to gain clarity and focus.  Lastly, we have Unshakable Confidence, which explores the power of positive thinking.  
In order to be physically fit, you need to be mentally fit as well.  Shred Tutor understands that and recently added these titles to help round out your fitness to more than just your physical fitness.  

Shredders, we are here for you.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube- but make sure to take that occasional break from social media that we mentioned earlier!  🙂

Here’s to your health – physical and mental