Fit In 15 For Women Ebook and Video Edition

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Fitness for women is always hard.  To add to that, we always want it fast. Well, think about what you can do in 15 minutes?  Fit in 15 is designed for those who do not have much time to work out but wanted to get the most results in a short period of time. 

I’m sure you’ll be familiar with plenty of fad diets and gimmicks and may have even tried a few in the past, whether that’s been low-carb dieting, Atkins, a fat-free diet, the baby food diet, cabbage soup, slashing your calories right down, or just relying on pills, powders, and potions to see you through, rather than real food.

The thing about these diets, while you’d imagine they’d get results, seeing as for most of them you’re surviving on very little and making your eating plan extreme, is that they don’t work.

At least, they don’t work long-term, as you always put the weight back on once you’ve finished the diet. Plus, any weight that you lose is never pure body fat – you lose a lot of lean muscle too, and they can often have sickening side effects.

That’s where this book comes in…

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