Foods to Avoid + tips


1) Rice Cakes
Rice cakes are infamous for raising your blood sugar very quickly because it is a refined and processed carb. Even though it provides a quick burst of energy due to the carbs being processed very quickly, once your blood sugar drops you will start having cravings for food again.
Here is a tip when eating rice cakes: Instead of eating 2 cakes, drop 1 and spread some nut butter over it. The healthy fat and protein in the butter will help keep you satiated and feeling full for longer.


2) Giant Cups of Coffee
If you drink too much coffee it will cause calcium excretion putting you at risk of osteoporosis if you are a woman. Also, the withdrawal effects such as insomnia and headaches can be avoided if you don’t drink excess coffee.
Tip: Drink Tea instead

3) Cream-Based Soups
Cream-based soups are tasty but they are filled with empty calories with little nutrients, as well as unhealthy additions such as corn syrup and food dyes.
Tip: Aim to drink soups made from protein. Good examples are bean soups

4) Certain Oatmeals
When deciding which oatmeal to eat make sure you select plain steel-cut oats. Almost every other type of oatmeal contains unhealthy items such as added sugars, trans-fats, and corn syrup. Trans-fats, in particular, affect your cholesterol levels in a negative way and put you at risk of heart disease.
Tip: if you find steel-cut oats bland, add natural fruits, nuts and honey.

5) Soy Milk
Soy milk affects the estrogen levels in your body. For males especially this is very negative on their testosterone levels.
Tip: Try substituting with almond milk instead.

6) Nutrition Bars
Although marketed as a healthy snack for people on the go, the high amount of calories from the carbs and fat content make them equivalent to eating a candy bar. Simple sugars are also often added making the calorie count too high.
Tip: Avoid these bars by eating healthy square meals keeping you fuller for longer

7) Egg Beaters
Supposedly just like natural egg whites, they are in fact the complete opposite. They contain a negative cocktail of preservatives and additives detrimental to your health.
Tip: Use whole food sources instead: lean meats, eggs, seafood, and greens.

8) High-Calorie Fruit Smoothies
It might seem like a healthy food choice, but many pre-packaged options have dairy bases which are high calorie mixed with cheap sweeteners. It much better to avoid these if possible.
Tip: Suppress your appetite with water, or eat fresh fruit instead.

9) Fruit Juice
When you blend fresh fruits you remove one of its major benefits: the fiber contained within it. After blending the fruits you are left with a drink with a highly concentrated amount of sugar, equivalent to soda.
Tip: Try fruit that contains polyphenols which help boost your metabolism. eg. strawberries, raspberries, blueberries.


10) Soda – Even Diet
Sodas contain a dangerous chemical called phosphorus. It causes damage to your bone health, because it causes calcium through binding with calcium. Also, the amount of sugar in a soda is very high, in one can alone there can be 40 grams of sugar. Diet sodas contain carcinogens and artificial sweeteners which can have a negative effect on your metabolism and brain.

11) Granola
Granola is often mistaken for healthy food. It contains a very high amount of calories and sugar, making it as calorie excessive as eating dessert.

12) Deli-Meats
Deli meats are highly processed and increase the risk of chronic disease. This is because of the amount of sugar, salt, and chemicals used in the process of producing these meats. Meat that is unprocessed and organic is ideal.

13) Low-Fat Packaged Baked Goods
In order to achieve the consistency and flavour of their regular full-fat models, so-called ‘low fat’ products contain chemicals and are highly processed. To avoid gastrointestinal problems, often the full-fat versions are better in taste and are more satisfying.

14) Ketchup
High fructose corn syrup contained in ketchup is responsible for its high-calorie amount as well as negative health effects. Where possible use an all-natural sauce without any added sugar.

15) Cheeseburgers
The refined carbs in the hamburger bun of a cheeseburger, as well as the saturated fat in the burger patty, make this food risk to heart disease.
Tip: People might enjoy the occasional burger it is best to limit this to once a month.

16) Cold Cereal
Since cold cereals are laden with high-calorie carbs, are highly processed and contain sweeteners and sugars they are not an ideal way to start the day.
Tip: Instead, try lean protein for breakfast, such as eggs.

17) Flavoured Coffee Creamer
Trans fats, carrageenan, artificial coloring and artificial sweeteners are what make flavoured coffee creamers raise your LDL cholesterol levels over time. Risk of heart attack and blood clots is the end result.
Tip: Instead use milk that only lists ‘milk and cream’ as their ingredients.

18) Nutella
People often make the mistake of thinking that because Nutella contains hazelnut that it is healthy. Most of the ingredients however are made up of palm oil and sugar, meaning it will simply add fat to your body.

19) Canned Vegetables
BPA is an industrial chemical used in the containers of beverages and foods. The amount of BPA contained in canned vegetables poses a risk to brain development of fetuses, young children, and infants.
Tip: Fresh or frozen vegetables are recommended instead.


20) Roasted Almonds
Due to their high heat cooking method and added ingredients (such as MSG), Roasted almonds are a less healthy alternative to their raw almond counterparts.
Tip: Raw almonds on the other hand take slower to digest and creates a greater feeling of being full for longer.

21) Non-Organic Chicken
Due to the added hormones contained in non-organic chicken, it should be avoided. Even though organic chicken does come at a greater price, your health shouldn’t be put at risk.

22) Nutrient Stripped Breads
White bread has very little nutritional value, isn’t very filling and once eaten is converted to sugar. This is because the part of the grain that contains beneficial nutrients have been removed in the manufacturing process. These beneficial parts are the bran and germ.

23) Protein Bars
The high amount of calories, sugar, carbs, and fat contained in protein bars can give you a boost of energy. If treat protein bars like snack bars however any excess energy not burned will lead to fat gain.

24) Sugary Drinks and Candy
Sugar-sweetened coffee, processed fruit juices and candy all contain high amounts of sweeteners and sugars and as a result very high amount of calories. Often they also contain artificial colourings which are detrimental to your health.
Tip: Try to remove these from your diet completely.


25) Turkey Bacon
Turkey bacon can be risky for people with high blood pressure due to the high amount of sodium. It also contains less protein when compared to pork making it less attractive as a healthy option when if you decide to indulge.

26) Double Protein Restaurant Orders
The popularity of the paleo diet has created a large demand for people wanting to buy meat products and meals. The source of the protein is extremely important, however. Eating double burger patties, and hot dogs do not constitute a healthy protein intake.

27) Alcohol
The entire body is affected when you drink alcohol, your brain, heart, liver, and mental health. It affects your weight training and cardiovascular activity because of dehydrating, slowing down your fitness progress. Once consumed, it becomes a fatty acid making it more likely to be stored as fat.


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