5 Playlist You Should Follow on Spotify

woman running listening to music

If you have Spotify, then you need to save these playlists to keep it handy for your next workout. Good music sets the mood and gets you going. Whether you want something peaceful for your next run or something upbeat for your HIIT training, these playlists are fit for any workout.

1) FUN RUN Playlist – this playlist consists of different music with 150-165 BPM. It is perfect for that early morning run. Not too upbeat, not too slow either.

2) HIIT Workout Playlist – This playlist gets you going. This mix sets the tone and is great for HIIT workout. It has music that has slow parts then it builds up to faster beat which is really good for interval exercises.

3) HIP-HOP Workout Mix – If you like hip-hop then this mix is your best go-to workout music. It’s a combination of newer hip-hop songs. It is not too fast either so it’s just right when you are at home or at the gym and would want to keep everything at your own pace.

4) Latin Workout Mix – Latin and Raggaeton music are popular these days. If you like latin music then this is the playlist for you. It is a combination of popular songs and some that you probably haven’t heard before but the beats in this playlist is sick you would probably listen to it even when you are not working out.

5) Yoga Playlist of the Month – You should follow this playlist as it changes monthly. All the music here is great for yoga. The music is calming too and can be used for relaxing. You can also try playing this music when you wake up in the morning and preparing breakfast. Definitely one of my favorite playlists.

These playlists are currently our favorite. Tell us what you think about it. Let us know if you have a secret Spotify playlist for your workout. We’d love to check it out.